Scourge of Khorvaire

A party of three

Rolen returns!

As we all gather to perhaps form the last flame for the body of Rolen… his body begins to slowly stir. Rolen arises! As the party stands aghast, Rolen shakes the coma-like symptoms off and tells us the last thing he recalls is being killed at the feet of the Dretch, the dragon that struck what he thought was the last of his life from him.

We catch Rolen up with the last few days since his death like state.

As a party of three, we are struggling trying to determine whether or not we should sneak into the Thrombold’s guarded city, or to try to bribe the cyclops guarding the gates.

We are tending to sneak in, as at least that can get us into the city, and we don’t have to attempt to “talk” to a cyclops, as that didn’t go well the last time. We just don’t think we can sell a bribe or even given that might be successful, how could we possibly pull off walking around the city of slavemasters and look as though we fit it?

We try the sneaky part….


DMShadow racephysics

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