Scourge of Khorvaire

BlingdenStone, City of the Under Gnomes

Our grotto in BlingdenStone, current base of operations...

Thrombold, Fomorian King, resides in Mag Taria, whom we believe has the dragon mask, whom the Green Dragon in the Eberron (Grazzletongue, the Green Dragon) told us we had to get or he would take his rage out on the countryside of Eberron.

We have a place to BlingdenStone (Gnome city, slowly rebuilding itself from attacks from the Drow) of which Brittek allows us passage and safe harbor in while we try to figure out our way out of this realm. This city is set up like a rabbit underground structure, with tunnels all about, confusing to get around but we are welcome by many of the city. Their economy is strong at this time, with almost anything found in the equipment list of the PHB.

We rest… though there is no time. We recall that for every day we spend here, a week passes in Eberron. Grazzletongue should have already raged against the countryside without our return with the Green Dragon Mask.

We are directed to a gnome called Bodgermill, who is known as a scout who could lead us to the city where the Fomorian King resides. (He’s known to be eccentric, but hey, he’s a gnome after all.)

The game continues…


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