Scourge of Khorvaire

From the Grotto of the Hag

A map showing two paths...

We find a leather sheath, which can be unrolled and would cover the doorway, a doorway which is an open cave entrance that the hag used.

We unroll the leather cover, and its covered in runes, almost looking like a map, and Jo-Bu believes there is a pattern here that is used to obscure a map behind it. We believe this map leads to an exit point from the Feywild. Instructions are included on how to create trails, leylines (this is a puzzle test, in which Roland was able to ascertain its meaning.)

Now that we have the way, we continue. There are two paths ascertained, a dangerous path, and a more dangerous path.

We travel through some rough terrain, and encounter the familiar, ugly face of a gnome with tusks. HE’s a wearboar! Whom shape shifts into a boar in front of our eyes. He has friends, goblins, mounted on boars around him and threatens us with giving him money, and maybe he’ll let us go.

Thus combat begins. The boars charge, and we react by killing the early chargers.

Roland goes to three hit points, and the first round of combat isn’t even over.

Gannick, the wear boar had on him upon his death;
Pouch with 14 gold
Potion of Heroism

We continue on our way after a short rest. By the evening, we make it to the portal in which the map references, which we believe will lead us from the Khyber. There are several rock cylinders of stone, open on one side, each facing a different direction (to an extent.) Randle’s hawk familiar scouts from above as we begin to figure out the logic of what makes the portal work, to hopefully bring us back to Eberron.

But then the Shambling Mound happens. It’s giant, and is able to swallow heroes whole, making them restrained, blind, and they are unable to breathe.

The creature goes down, only after the three displacer beasts are killed, and there a many-a-turns spent trying to make arcana checks to get the portal to work, while dodging a lightening effect that does massive damage. The lightening crosses through the portal from the four corners that make up the area around the hedge portal.

We fail at opening the portal after downing the creatures, and we make camp in the area.

At next we game… we attempt the portal again… and the creatures that will probably exist again to protect. it.


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