Scourge of Khorvaire

The Road to Triboar

Grazzletongue is defeated

With the tale of the dragon’s defeat to long to tell here… for now, an update on our characters in the past three months since…

Thork has since become the Thane of Firehammer Hold, and Rolen has stayed on at the Hold to aid in the rebuilding of the land in western Aundair of which was terrorized by Grazzletongue. Both have helped seek out refugees scattered from western Audair, and convincing them to return to their homes once they have been shown that trade is returning, and that Firehammer Hold will supply basic tools to help these same people rebuild their communities, which would admittingly be beneficial to Firehammer Hold, arguing that if there are no towns of which the Hold can trade with, the Hold will not last as a trade center for long anyway.

Rolen and Thork have traveled doing this while Jekk has led the rebuilding of Firehammer, all the while dwarven families have trekked from the Mror Holds to not only aid in the making of Firehammer great again, but to live there and create their own crafts of which they may live in legend for such as some of their ancestors have had as known by all.


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