Scourge of Khorvaire

Thirsten gone, Thork cursed... we may just split the party.

It could be worse... and probably will be.

Thirsten was taken by the surviving Fomorian. We search for a few hours, reaching dead-ends that are either just cavern walls or water. We do eventually reach a dead-end that has a strange vapor that obscures the ceiling. We haven’t had any leads so we linger trying to figure why this area is different than the other tunnels we’ve explored looking for the elfnapped Thirsten.

We abandon the vapor ended passage and continue on after not discovering anything there. At our energy’s end, we happen into a Snerfneblin sitting by his lonesome, but armored and armed for a solo quest it seems. He tells us that he is Brittek, and he is looking for 12 of his own that were taken by the Fomorians, and he goes on to say that he knows if anyone was taken such as our friend and his brothers, they would be taken to The Pit. He describes it as a place guarded by a Cyclops captain of the Fomorians, and that this is the place where the Fomorians trade their livestock with the Drow, whom come and go as they please wherever it is in the Underdark. They take their slaves and go.

We risk resting for eight hours, which Brittek is able to help conceal us with his fetish that casts Shadowstone, a magic that allows us to be concealed in the alcove we were in. Our eight hours of rest goes by, risking Thirsten and the others taken lives by waiting even longer for looking for them.

But we have no choice. We awake, and Thork miraculously saves against the curse’s second day and he is able to shrug it off. The party now fully rested is lead to the cavern where The Pit is known to be. Brittek tells us there is a cage that is lowered in and out of the pit, which is in danger by a contraption that is able to dump water into the pit, the intention to drown the slaves while in the cage lowered in the pit, high above from a retaining cistern, extremely large enough to hold so much water.

We arrive to an area we consider our staging for the battle. We have a plan that when Milo causes a distraction to the cyclops captain, we rush in with several spells casts on Thork, the chosen tank, who will attempt to take the brunt of the cyclops rage.

Milo advances into the cave… and is caught unawares by a well hidden Spriggan (a deep gnome race warped by rage and anger) who attacks him in surprise and misses, all this in silence.

With the seconds ticking away… Jobu preemptivly fires a crossbow bolt from his magical crossbow, striking the cyclops in the leg. Thork laughs out loud, throwing some dwarven curse words in for good measure.

Randle, not to be outdone, launches the first Fireball at the cyclops, striking for a large amount of flame, but the flames die almost instantly by some kind of coating the cyclops has on his skin.

The battle continues…

Thork rushes in, shoves the cyclops to the earth and lands three quick attacks. There is a noise, a sicking noise, and we look up to what history tells us is a Wretch Dragon, a red dragon that has been bent by the underdark to a creature more vile than any Red is known for.

Its not looking good….

… and ends with Rolen passing unto the Underdark, forever.

With three death saving throws automatically made with the damage the dragon’s wounds were making as it was struck by friends, Rolan was unable to raise again to his feet and has fallen forever.

The sprigan gnomes are dispatched finally, with only the Wretch Dragon remaining. It appears with the death of the sprigans (whom seemed to have the dragon chained and controlled when we first encountered him within the cavern,) the Wretch Dragon does not show itself again.

For a moment, there seems to be a moment to rest as there are no more threats to be had here in the cave with The Pit. Thirsten leaves the cage and retrieves his belongings from a secret compartment he saw the cyclops use underneath the table within the cavern.

We take the bodies of the sprigans and the cyclops and put them in the cage, our plan to lower it with all of the fallen enemies into the pit, and release the water to submerge them all within the cage.


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