Scourge of Khorvaire

We attempt to enter the portal... again.

Once again into the breach my friends!

With sunset missed, there was no chance to activate the portal while darkness was upon the Feywild.

We have set up camp away from the portal, and are contemplating awaiting the next sunset.

It is now later in the evening and watch begins in our camp…

We interlude into the backgrounds of our heroes…

We make our way back to the portal, right before sunset. We find our violent encounter only hours before has had us ready to avoid the leylines of lightening, and those who have (a somewhat) mastery over the Arcane, inspect the portal with the intent to open it.

Randle is able to open the portal, and a sphere of green opens before us. We pass through the portal into…. the unknown…

There is a floor of silt beneath our feet, rocks and pebbles, but that is our only sensation, as we are surrounded by darkness, and we find ourselves lonely in a large cavern…. for now.

We journey for some time through a tunnel that leads us only one way, the way we are going. We come to a fork, of which we take the lower road of the two. It leads us to a drop in a dead end, leading about 100 feat down into a forrest of large mushrooms. We make it to the ground, leaving our knotted rope behind. Randle’s familiar, a fiendish bat, named Ernie (the historical record is fuzzy on this) who ranges ahead the direction we choose. Ernie the bat discovers bodies of the dead strewn about. Thirsten ranges ahead.

We find the bodies of Svirfneblin, dark deep Gnomes who have been killed by brutal means; heads and chests bashed in. One, yellow in color, exudes a poisonous fungal cloud that poisons our dragonborne, who takes some damage, but his immunity to disease proves true, saving him from some unknown fate the rest of us avoid.

The ranging familiar far ahead detects six floating spheres of yellow, tendrils of some unknown quality float upward from their round shapes. They are between us and some kind of pool of water, which happens to be the only way we can travel.

We approach to find the water with some surface scum, vegetation bridges bounding across its surface, enclosing a mushroom that Thork believes may spew its contents in a “propagation of the species” sort of way. Given the yellow cloud that hurt Rolen only moments ago, this gives us great pause.

Thirsten, to our flank, attempts to go around a mound to our left of travel, and disappears from our sight.

Thork casts the first stone… into the water, yet nothing happens. EXCEPT the center mushroom emits a high pitch tone, yet nothing else.

Thirsten gets closer to inspect the spheres, and men seemingly made of mushrooms step from the larger plants. Myconids engage us in combat….there is a mound attacking us now… which Thork leaps past in the attempt to aid the poison incapacitated Thirsten who is dodging more bad rolls from the DM than actual good attacks.

Randle from a levitated position begins his reign of fire and scorching rays against the enemy. Thirsten is rescued by Thork, his hammer swinging true against the two foes that were upon him. Thork and Thirsten turn to aid Rolen in fighting the Shambling Mound (which has just swallowed Rolen whole.) Rolen breaks free with his strength of arms, and now that Thork is with him the hammer and steel starts to swing heavy.

Meanwhile Randle and JoBu have been fighting another sole Myconid on the outskirts of the shroom circle, it poisoning JoBu but JoBu has had that type of wiskey before and it doesn’t affect him.

Several rounds later we fell all the mushroom beasts and the mound, and searching yields nothing but some spell and potion components.

Four gas spore pods are harvested from the Myconid spore host that was in the center of the infested pool.

We rest for an hour, encountering some wandering large beetles, that simply pass us by while resting, and after resting we continue onto what appears to be an underground lake of a size we can’t determine. We follow the only pathway, just a bit of shore between the water and the rock to the right, until it dead ends into wall.

We encounter a Kuo-toa who is hidden on the other side of a rock, just 50 feet into the water. He is discovered because Rolen shoots an arrow to hit this wide rock, of which he sticks his head up and rattles his fist at us, probably cursing in his native tongue. Rolen knows of these creatures having lived on a shoreline growing up, and believing them all insane he tells the party of this.

Randle, deciding this Kuo-Toa can’t be trusted, Fire Bolts him right between the eyes with a critical hit. We hear the splash of the creature into the water, but we never see it again.

Feeling a little stuck of not knowing where to go, Rolen goes hip deep into the water and journeys over 100 feet out of sight into the water. He even sits upon the rock the creature was first sitting on and sings for a few minutes, his voice carrying and echoing far afield.

We turn around and head back, our goal being the attempt to climb our rope again but we find that we can’t do so, as the myconid forrest has now arranged itself to keep us from passing easily, or even with skill, to where we want to go. We decide to go back to the lake, but try to figure how we may sail the sea black once we arrive back.

A canoe made of a mushroom tree stalk?

We decide the water is to much of an ambush to risk it, and we force our way through the mushroom forrest and return to our rope where we originally descended, and climb up.

We eventually wind up looking across of a 30 chasm with two Formorians who seem to be standing watch over a rickety bridge and a what appears to be a cage holding creatures of some sort. After some discussion, we drink our Alter Self potions, changing our appearance to Formosans (for an undetermined time) and we attempt to cross the bridge.

The Formorian guard halts us, tells us we can’t cross. After some discussion between JoBu, the only person who can speak Giant, they allow us to cross with the giving up of some of JoBu’s whiskey. Some of us cross, the deal being only two of us, but we push our luck and more than Thirsten and Thork cross.

Eventually the discussion breaks down. Thork’s play on being mad about the whiskey being all drunk up and destroying the platform does nothing to the giant creatures before us as in attitude, they pretty much laugh at us instead. With both Fomorians distracted, Thirsten starts the combat with a sneak attack. The initiative rounds begin…

JoBu attempts to hold up the illusion by yelling out in their language that Thork (as a Fomorian illusion still) has gone crazy. Thork rips the cage door from it’s hinges and slams the ground with it. The Fomorian leader takes a swing and hits Thirsten for a good amount of giant like damage. Of course, Randle and JoBu are still on the other side of the sprawling chasm.

Thirsten attempts to draw one onto the bridge. The Fomorian leader remarks how that is the shittiest bridge trap to have ever existed, and that the other Fomorian is the biggest idiot to have ever tread the underdark.

A round later they’ve realized we weren’t who we pretended to be. The battle rages all out, and Thork gets the glaring hate which does not an insignificant amount of damage. Thirsten makes it out to the middle of the bridge to only be grappled from edge of the chasm. The Fomorian grapples Thirsten and leaps into the chasm! They fall 60 feet and Thirsten and the giant take fall damage, the damage being more serious for Thirsten.

Thork is turned from a Curse of the Evil Eye that starts to turn him into a Fomorian slave… and can not attack without disadvantage and half move.

The non-leader Fomorian falls to the spells of Randle, and Thork and Rolen are safe for the moment. Thork is told by Randle that if he takes a long rest, he may again have a chance to shake the curse that holds his soul.

Thirsten is taken…. the Fomorian leader has seemed to have left with the Elf (Thirsten,) and we are trying to find him. Randle’s familiar fiendish bat is following him, his speed that of a giant’s pace, and the bat will return when and where he may stop.

And so ends the evening of gaming… us wondering if Thirsten has made his death saves in the first place… and if we can catch the giant in time if he stabilizes in the first place. Thork will have to ride as he is at half speed and slowly changing shape…

Stay tuned… same fiendish bat time…. same fiendish bat channel!


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