Scourge of Khorvaire

The search for Mag Taria, the Fomorian King's hold

A Drow diversion...

Journeying through the Underdark to find Badgermill (who may be able to lead us or tell us where the Fomorian King may be,) we encounter a Drow party attacking the deep gnome party of minors within their own mining area. The scaffolding provides reach to the Drow riding their large spiders, but only if you make the climb to get there. The gnomes are being poisoned into submission, and scooped into magical bags that appear to imprison them for ease of travel.

The fight starts with us trying to defend them…. and we are able to finish the fight with only one Drow female escaping on her large spider mount. There is a good haul from the fight:

1500gp in gems are found on the Drow.
There are four magical Drow shortswords +1 (Milo could use these to better effect)

We help save Badgermill, and others against the Drow raid.

He tells us we can either bluff our way through into the King’s city, or sneak in. There is some kind of portal he believes, but thinks we could bribe the cyclops guarding the gates to the city.

List of worries:
1. Thrumbold, Fomorian King, we must be highly expert in our kissassery of him if/when we encounter him.
2. Skatherack, ancient Wretch Dragon, lives in the castle
3. Magistrate of the court, Satherial, completely insaine. Crazy, vengeful INSANE person, once captured by Thrumbold, who in turn came to serve the Fomorian King. We are to break contact with him at all costs warns Badgermill.

He will also sketch a map to the city gates, where we may attempt to bribe the cyclops… or to sneak past them.

Thork doesn’t like the sneak plan, and as he taps the breastplate of his armor he says “it never seems to work out for me.” He laughs a dwarven laugh.


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