Scourge of Khorvaire

Finally, the mask is in Aundair

But the deal was long broken...

We’ve returned to our home plane, but our deal has long past with Grazzletongue, the Green Dragon who we are now told by travelers had rampaged the countryside long ago, just as he said he would by us not returning within his two week demand with the mask.

It has been seven months since we left the Aundair, now returning on the western side of Karnath, leagues and leagues from the beginning of our long journey, now west of here.

The year is 1008, ten years after the last great war. Karrnath using the undead to fight. The land in which we now stand has changed, and many are taking note of the return of the town of Bhorovia, Straud’s curse lifted which returned the ancient village back to it’s rightful place here.

Thrombold, the formarian king, offered the mask if we were to take a device that would rip a portal into Aundair, allowing him to move his forces here. We however took Skathrax’s deal, the undead dragon, who would sabotage the device and give us the mask as a reward.


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