Scourge of Khorvaire

The Road to Arcanix

Legendary deal, or death...

We travel south, our intention to eventually travel the land to Arcanix, in Thrane, the city of magic’s greatest schools. By way of Rekkenmark, however it would take us further east, either by rail or by airship, to eventually get us to Arcanix.

Rolen is almost made by his false papers by the Karnath wardens. A tense situation turned out lucky for Rolen, or perhaps the Karnathians, by them letting us by on the road from our crossing encounter.

During our flight across the sound, four members proudly displaying their affiliation with the Emerald Claw (we believe the militant arm of the Blood of the Vol sects,) boarded our airship and slowly began their encircling of Rolen. Until, of course, Rolen let them know that he could breathe fire, which began the combat. During the encounter, we discover one of the merchants is a Changeling, and that these last guys boarding the boat were a hardy bunch. The pilot, whose sole concentration keeps the ship aloft within the air, was injured from a deflected missile, causing the ship to lurch and pitch, at one point the ship being 30 degrees tilted causing all to almost lose their feet, making movement difficult! Thork abandoned some of the enemy to rush to the pilot’s aid, bandaging him and setting him aright at the airship’s tiller. Rolen quickly aids with some magical healing, fortifying the pilot’s fragile constitution.

When there are two of these enemy left, they find themselves surrounded by three of our party, sans Milo, who is blending in the crowd and stealing items away from both enemy and merchant alike (how Thork remembers it anyway.) Milo happened to score from a Changeling, who’s purse included 32 platinum, and some other sundries the rest of the party may never find out about. The changeling’s purse contents actually now reveal that he may have an association with the Royal Eyes, the Aundair’s Queen’s special investigative agency.

The combat ends and after some quick thinking by Jobu, calming the captain about bringing what he now believes a prisoner, a bounty on board his ship without telling him, we land in Thaliost. We quickly determine the city is on high alert, with many Silver Flame patrols about, many we feel that many are paid security, and not true Flame devotees. Jobu moves out to post a message in the national press (perhaps a message to others?) while Rolen and Thork make their way to the train station.

Near the lightening rail station, there is a large protest going on, many upset with the enhanced presence of the Silver Flame patrols now within the city. Thork and Rolen encounter some protestors first hand, and they are being accosted by some of the Flame’s rent-a-lackey’s, who as the time of this writing had already doubled over one of the citizen’s with his club. Rolen approaches one of the three, he has wild eyes, maybe something to do with a stimulant, and this guy wants to strike Rolen with his mace, which Rolen deftly takes from him and throwing it in the face of the one about to raise the alarm with his whistle. The mace throw is true and it strikes him in the face while smashing the chance at alarm. Thork quickly uses his shield to knock the now maceless guard to the ground, steps over him and takes the advantage of the visible fear coming from the youngest guard. He takes Thork’s advice, to encourage his friends to leave before anyone gets seriously hurt. He leaves his whistle with Thork and drags the others off.

Thork purchases tickets to Fairhaven, and then the town of Passage afterwards, looking at about a day of travel with three hours in layover in Fairhaven. The train pulls out… leaving the city of Thailost behind us, gratefully, since the ruler there would easily find fault in the demeanor of Rolen, the Green Dragon Mask turning his visage even darker, and his behaviors even more questionable.

So thinks Thork, that is.


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